About us
  Wenzhou Bozhu Electrical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, is a collection of scientific research, production, sales and service as one of the modern enterprise, after nearly ten years of sustained and stable development, in the domestic appliance industry has a certain market share, while the number of domestic electrical appliances enterprise OEM (Ou CIMA) production, and the products are exported to Southeast Asia Europe and other countries and regions.
Bozhu Electrical Co. Ltd. production of main products: shumeijia intelligent automatic fan, heater, automatic hand dryer, automatic spraying machine, industrial exhaust fan, nets and other decorative series. Its excellent performance, perfect design and good decorative effect so that the product has a high degree of automation, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, convenient construction, safe use and other advantages, has won wide acclaim in the society. Since its inception, with its standardized management, superb technology, advanced equipment, excellent quality and service to win customer recognition.
for the revitalization of the national industry of our country, our company set a bead essence, to create "national industrial brand" for the purpose, adhere to the first-class products and services Bozhu permanent, in the continuous improvement in the consumer satisfaction, taking the road of high-tech development, with the coincidence of credit.
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